The libraries around the world maintain historical collections and these collections require significant efforts for preservation because use, time and inherent materials are taking toll. To understand and eliminate the deteriorating physical, chemical and biological conditions that cause the damage to the works of art on paper latest development in scientific research and contemporary techniques to conserve and restore priceless collection. The Rampur Raza library contains sources of knowledge of multiple kinds in the form of priceless manuscripts, books, paintings, specimen of Islamic calligraphy, rare old printed books to name a few, as well as many other unique assets in its vast collection. A very important wing of Rampur Raza Library is the conservation laboratory, which is committed to scientifically preserve, maintain and restore the deteriorating collection due to Ageing effects and various elements of nature.

The conservation center began in 1995 after meticulous evaluation and inspection and discussions by experts and officers in charge, and as a natural corollary to the prevailing state of affairs a decision was taken to establish an in-house conservation laboratory for tackling the challenges of conservation in the Rampur Raza library. Ever since then it has been rendering the needed preservation facilities to the permanent collections of Rampur Raza library. This laboratory is located on the first floor of Hamid Manzil occupying two rooms.

The conservation treatments are done applying international methods and most up to date techniques, materials and equipments so that the conservators could restore the permanent collection and keep them in good condition. Every conservation treatment is done according to the ethics applied in conservation largely concentrating on minimal intervention policy. The Conservation lab is continuously concentrated and giving qualitative conservation treatments to the works of art.

The conservation lab regularly engages itself in preventive and curative conservation of collection. The art object is thoroughly examined and according to need, appropriate treatment is given to prolong the life of the objects. Around the year preventive conservation steps such as cleaning of the Almirahs, dusting, good handling practices, mounting using acid free mount boards( different techniques of mounting are used) fumigation, insecticidal papers, fungicidal papers, Buffer paper, prevention of physical damage, acid free boxes and folders for collection etc.

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