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[ 1 ] al-Quranul Majid Period: C. 9th century A.D. ascribed to Imam Abul Hasan Musa, the 8th Imam Folio: 9 Size: 34x21cm. Language: Arabic Kufic Remarks: very valuable copy written on parchment.
[ 2 ] al-Quranul Majid ascribed to Yaqut Mustasimi Period: C. 13th century A.D. Folio: 350 Size: 43.5x33cm. Language: Arabic Naskh
[ 3 ] al-Quranul Majid Period: C. 16th century A.H. Folio: 310 Size: 32x22cm. Language: Arabic Naskh Remarks: A strikingly beautiful copy having seal of Akber with signature of Faizi and Dara Shikoh.
[ 4 ] Ajaibul Makhluqat-wa-Garaibul Maujudad, Period: 979 A.H./1571 A.D. Folio: 331 Language: Arabic, Script: Naskh Remarks: A rare and illustrated manuscript copy of a work on the wonders of the world
[ 5 ] Sharhul Kafiya By Raziud Din Astrabadi (d. 686 A.H./1287A.D.) Period: 1050A.H. (1640A.D.) Folio: 441 Size: 28x18cm. Language: Arabic, Script: Naskh Remarks: A unique manuscript with notes and autographs of emperor Shahjahan and his Prime Minister Nawab Sa`dullah Khan bearing seals of Shahjahan, Sad`ullah Khan, Aurangzeb, Inayat Khan, I`limad khan, Fazil khan, Murshid Ali Khan, Muhammad Salih Khan. Also seals of the famous scholar Sayyid Ghulam Ali Azad Bilgrami and Sadullah Khan. Subject: Nahau
[ 6 ] Jamiut Tawarikh (Illustrated) By Rashiduddin Fazlullah Period: C. 15th century. Folio: 135 Illustration: 79 Size: 45x32cm. Language: Persian, Script: Naskh Remarks: A well known work on general history illustrated in the Mangol style of painting. Subject: Tarikh-i-Mangol.
[ 7 ] Mantiqur Riyahin, (Illustrated) By Maulana Asi Period: 830 A.H. (1426 A.D.) Folio: 67 Size: 27x16cm. Language: Persian, Script: Nastaliq Remarks: Early central Asian or Iranian. Interesting story beautifully depicts human figures as well as flora and fauna. Subject: Nazm Masnavi
[ 8 ] Majmua Nazir wa Manzur (Illustrated) By Muhammad al-Asi Period: 830 A.H. (1426 A.D. Folio: 180 Size: 27x16cm. Language: Persian, Script: Nastaliq Remarks: Rare paintings more refined nad colourful beside landscaping. A unique incident of a man being shot by four warrious, by arrow. The person is placed on a lofty pole. Romantic tale of love. Subject: Nazm, Masnawi
[ 9 ] Zafar Nama (Timur Nama) By Ashrafuddin Ali Yazdi Period: 843 A.H. (1439 A.D.) Scribe: Hasan bin Husain Folio: 368 Size: 24x15cm. Language: Persian Script: Nastaliq Remarks: Subject: Tarikh-i-Mughal
[ 10 ] Jawahirut Tafsir By Kamaluddin Waiz al-Kashifi (d.910 A.H.) Period: 890 A.H. (1485 A.D.) Folio: 390 Size: 39x24cm. Language: Persian, Script: Naskh Remarks: Bearing a note by Emperor Akbar indicating that it belong to Miran Syed Jalal Sadr. Subject: Tafsir-i-Farsi


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